Designed for use in IOL laboratories, quality assurance departments and research facilities the JCF/IOL is an extremely efficient inspection instrument. 
With the ability to check IOL diameter and centre thickness the JCF/IOL can perform all routine visual inspection routines required by IOL producers. 
High grade optical pathways are used to ensure bright clear images of all IOLs under examination. 
Front and back surface together with haptic inspection of the IOL is made quick and easy with a flat platform support, whilst a contoured support pillar enables profile and thickness checks. 
IOL Diameter Check 
Centre Thickness Check 
Surface and Edge Inspection 
Haptic Inspection 
TC20i, TSC3 Compatible 

Optimec JCF/IOL Applications 


The JCF/IOL can be supplied with a graduated acetate screen overlay, calibrated to the screen image. These can be custom designed to a customer’s particular requirements. For more details, please Contact Us. 
If you are able to supply us with a CAD outline of your IOL, we can provide a calibrated acetate overlay of the IOL design against which the project image of the lens and its haptics can be checked. For more details, please Contact Us. 
At Optimec Metrology, we have always listened to our customers and pride ourselves in our ability to modify existing and developing new instrumentation to meet the needs of our clients. We will do our utmost to help. For more details, please Contact Us. 

 Optimec JCF/IOL Product Specifications   

Dimensions: Height 589mm, Width 353mm, Depth 350mm 
Weight: 16kg 
Power consumption: 28 watts 
Magnification side view: x20 approx 
Magnification diameter view: x17 approx 
Consumables: 4 x 12V DC 6.6W LED light engines 
Calibration: Diameter test pieces 


For more information about Optimec Metrology and our range of world-leading products, or if you would like to place an order, please get in touch. 
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