The JCM soft contact lens inspection instrument has been designed principally to assist laboratories manufacturing moulded lenses. 
High rates of production require the sampling of lenses to be both rapid and accurate. This means minimum handling and settling time in the wet cell. 
We have achieved these aims with the JCM. 
A soft contact lens is placed in the cell and by switching between the two light sources an image of the contact lens is projected onto the screen to view either, side elevation (with overall lens height measurement and edge inspection), or diameter measurement and surface inspection. 
Both these measurements are made without moving the lens in the wet cell.  
The overall height scale is 3.5mm – 4.5mm. However this scale can be extended to any range most suited to individual requirements. 
For temperature control within the cell we recommend use of the TC20i, or the TSC3 which gives the additional benefit of UV sanitisation. 
Diameter Measurement 
SAG Height Measurement 
Surface and Edge Inspection 
Fast Operation 
TC20i, TSC3 Compatible 


Optimec JCM Applications 


The SAG has a simple diameter check across the profile of the lens. The JCM on the other hand has the benefit of a full top view of the lens on a ‘V’ graticule, enabling full surface and edge inspection as well as precise diameter measurement. This, together with the JCM's ability to measure sagittal height, is all achieved from a single position of the lens in the wet cell. For more details, please Contact Us. 
We are happy to carry out certified recalibration of the JCM and other Optimec Metrology instruments. Usually this requires the return of the instrument to us, but we are also able to offer calibration and servicing of your Optimec Metrology instruments at your site if required. For more details, please Contact Us. 
Soft contact lens materials expand and contract considerably with changes in temperature. To achieve repeatability of lens measurements, maintaining the cell saline at a constant known temperature, is imperative. The Optimec TC20i instrument allows for both filtration and temperature control of the saline in the wet cell. The Optimec TSC3 filters and controls the temperature of the saline, as well as reducing the bio burden by means of UV sanitisation. For more details, please Contact Us. 

 Optimec JCM Product Specifications   

Dimensions: Height 598mm, Width 334mm, Depth 385mm 
Weight: 17kg 
Power consumption: 15 watts 
Diameter range: 13 – 15mm 
Diameter accuracy: +/- 0.025mm 
Graticule increments: 0.1mm divisions 
Magnification diameter view: x17 approx 
Sagittal height range: 3.5-4.5mm 
Sagittal height accuracy: +/- 0.05mm 
Magnification sagittal view: x20 approx 
Consumables: 2 x 12V DC 6.6W LED light engines 
Calibration: Sagittal height test pieces, Diameter test pieces 


For more information about Optimec Metrology and our range of world-leading products, or if you would like to place an order, please get in touch. 
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