Designed to work in conjunction with either the Optimec JCF, JCM or SAG instruments, the Optimec TC20i provides a neat and efficient solution to the requirement to measure and inspect soft lenses at a constant temperature. 
With full electronic control, the Optimec TC20i can maintain a cell measuring temperature at any point within the range 15 – 40°C (+/- 0.5°C). 
With a small bench footprint, the TC20i sits neatly alongside any of the partner instruments, ensuring measuring cells are provided with clean and filtered saline whilst maintaining the desired test temperature. 
The TC20i is suited to all lens measurement environments where absolute accuracy and reproducibility are paramount. 
Fully Electronic 
Full Saline Filtration 
Temperature Control 15-40°C 
JCF, JCM, SAG Compatible 



We are able to supply the correct replacement filters either individually or in packs of 10, together with replacement silicon tubing. Alternatively we can offer full filter and tubing service kits, which include 3 filters and the complete set of tubing and tubing connectors. For more details, please Contact Us. 
The tubing in the peristaltic pump housing flattens with wear over time, reducing the flow, and it eventually splits. It is recommended that this tube is replaced as soon as a reduced flow is observed. Replacement tubes are available from Optimec Metrology. For more details, please Contact Us. 
Optimec Metrology does not currently intend to remove the TC20i from its product range and will continue to provide support for it. We will also continue to offer TC20i consumables and servicing to our customers. For more details, please Contact Us. 

Optimec TC20i Specifications  

Dimensions: Height 146mm, Width 147mm, Depth 230mm 
Weight: 4kg 
Power consumption: 50 watts 
Temperature control range: 15 – 40°C 
Temperature variable range: +/- 0.5°C 
Ambient temperature: Cooling to approx. 12°C below ambient temperature 
Consumables: Filters and tubing 


For more information about Optimec Metrology and our range of world-leading products, or if you would like to place an order, please get in touch. 
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