Designed to improve cleanliness and reduce microbiological loading within the wet cells of the Optimec JCF, JCM and SAG instruments, the Optimec TSC3 provides a neat and efficient solution to enable the measuring and inspection of soft contact lenses in a sanitised, filtered saline, at a constant user set temperature. 
With full electronic control, the Optimec TSC3 can maintain the temperature in the measuring cell within the range 15-40°C. 
Electronic monitoring of both filter and UV lamp life ensures that the performance of the TSC3 is maintained and optimised. 
UV Sanitation 
Full Saline Filtration 
UV and Filter Management 
Temperature Control 15-40°C 
JCF, JCM, SAG Compatible 



We can supply both the filter and lamps for the TSC3 as new units. However, in order for us to minimise costs, reduce wastage and pass the savings on to our customers, please return the used filter and lamp assemblies to Optimec Metrology. These assemblies can then be stripped down and rebuilt with new key components (lamps, filter elements and seals) and supplied to our customers at a much reduced cost compared with new units. For more details, please Contact Us. 
Tests at a major independent soft contact lens manufacture showed that the TCS3 maintained sanitisation of the JCF wet cell during a complete shift work cycle. For more details, please Contact Us. 
The TSC3 was designed to fit under a JCF so that the footprint could be minimised. As the SAG is a very different shape, Optimec Metrology have designed a support for the SAG instrument to allow the TSC3 to be positioned underneath. For more details, please Contact Us. 

 Optimec TSC3 Product Specifications  

Dimensions: Height 100mm, Width 384mm, Depth 268mm 
Weight: 7kg 
Power consumption: 86 watts 
Temperature control range: 15 – 40°C 
Temperature variable range: +/- 0.5°C 
Ambient temperature: Cooling to approx. 12°C below ambient temperature 
Consumables: Filters, tubing and lamps 


For more information about Optimec Metrology and our range of world-leading products, or if you would like to place an order, please get in touch. 
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